Next Meetup: 29.10.2014


We'll open the doors starting at 19.00h - the event is free (as in beer) and you don't need a RSVP.

The "Ruhrpott" is not only Germany's biggest metropolitan area, it has also become an important part of Germany's role in information technology.

What's missing is a central user group for JavaScript developers. Here it is. Let's talk, let's get to know each other. Let's get together and create cool stuff, maybe.

Let's do PottJS. Glück auf.

We still need some speakers for the first PottJS! Ping us @pottjs on Twitter or send us a mail!

We also added the event to Meetup so that you can see who's coming.

Pleace notice: This month's PottJS will be limited to 25 people!